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How to choose the real rosa mosqueta oil

It’s no secret that rosehip oil is a miracle worker for sensitive skin. But with all of the options on the market, how do you choose the right one? Not all rosehip oils are created equal—some are extracted using harsh chemicals, while others are diluted with other oils. So how do you find a 100% pure and organic rosa mosqueta oil? FUNAT has the greatest natural products with the highest quality, like our rosehip oil. If you want to know why our essential oils are the best in the world, just keep reading!

The benefits of rosa mosqueta oil skin regeneration

Rosa mosqueta oil is a “dry oil,” meaning it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue (oily skin). It’s perfect for all skin types but especially beneficial for those with sensitive or dry skin. The high concentration of essential fatty acids and vitamin C in rosehip oil make it an excellent choice for collagen production and wound healing.

How to identify the real rosa mosqueta oil

So how can you be sure that you’re getting 100% pure rosehip oil? The first step is to look for an organic certification, which ensures that no harsh chemicals or pesticides were used in the growing process. You should also check the key ingredients list on the product label—if it doesn’t list paraben-free,  non-GMO, and/or 100% pure rosehip oil as the sole ingredient, put it back on the shelf!

How to use rosa mosqueta oil for maximum benefit

Skin hydration, improve the appearance of fine lines, tighten skin…The benefits of rosa mosqueta oil are endless! Here are a few ways to use it for maximum results: 

  • Apply rosa mosqueta oil after your daily shower or bath. Simply massage it into your body using circular motions until absorbed. Not only will you feel softer and more hydrated, but your skin will also look younger!
  • Apply rosa mosqueta seed oil to trouble spots. If you have oily skin, rosehip oil is a great choice. Simply dab some on desired areas of the face with a clean cotton swab, and leave it on overnight. Natural oils are a great way to boost skin health, from the inside and out! 

Where to find the best quality rosa mosqueta oil

If you’re looking for a 100% pure and natural source of rosehip seed oil, look no further than FUNAT. Our line of essential oils is made using only the highest quality ingredients, and our rosehip oil is no exception. Shop now to get the best rosa mosqueta oil on the market!


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